Stall Rental

Stall Rental


Stall rental agreement for North Dakota Horse Expo 2021

  1. Please fill out and return this form along with the waiver & release of liability form.
  2. Horse stalls are charged by the day not nights. IE: if you arrive Friday and leave Saturday you will be charged for two days.
  3. You must clean out your own stall once daily and at the end of your stay. Wheel barrows and forks will be provided.
  4. Disruptive, dangerous or sickly horses will be removed from the event.
  5. Stall rental is $25/day or $60 for all 3 days. Payment must be made in full before the horse enters the stall.
  6. Stall reservations are NON REFUNDABLE once reserved.

Stall Rental

Please fill out the following

Horse Rules and Regulations for
North Dakota Horse Expo (NDHE) 2021

All horses entering the fairgrounds will be inspected for health issues. If horses fail this assessment at the gate the horse will not be allowed to participate in the event.

All out of state horses are not to be unloaded until vet has assessed the horse and they must have:

  1. Current negative coggins certificate
  2. Health certificate of inspection
  3. Brand release

If you do not have these documents in hand you will not be permitted to unload your horse. Your paperwork will be checked at the livestock gate.

You may not tie your horse anywhere other than to your trailer or other designated areas.

Please be considerate of other attendees in parking areas.

Day parking is permitted in the livestock area.

No overnight parking is allowed in the Livestock area.

Camping is permitted in the west camping area only.

No horses are allowed in the camping area or on any grass areas surrounding the event center.

In the case of a horse whom incurs ANY physical or property damage while anywhere at NDHE, the horse owner will be held responsible for any and all damages it causes. North Dakota Horse Expo (NDHE) and North Dakota Equine Association (NDEA) are not responsible for any horse damages it causes. No exceptions.

North Dakota Horse Expo (NDHE) is not responsible for any sickness/injuries a horse my contract on the property during the event. Every measure is being taken to keep horses safe happy and healthy. If your horse appears to be sick or if you see another unattended horse who appears to be ill, experiencing copc, or appears to be seriously injured, please report it to the proper staff or call 701-426-0174 immediately so the owner can be found.

If you choose to rent a stall you must clean out your own stall at least once per day, as well as at the end of the event. Forks and wheelbarrows will be provided. Please dispose of manure in designated areas. Disposal of manure from your trailer into the waste pile for stall cleanings is not permitted.

Damage to stalls done by horses during the expo will be the responsibility of the owner. Please thoroughly check your designated stall prior to turning your horse loose in the stall. If damage exists prior to setting your horse loose in the stall please contact the designated staff to fix it before your horse is turned loose.

Please help keep our fairgrounds clean for other horse owners, riders and guests. If you and/or your horse make a mess, please pick it up. This includes the parking lot. Please clean up all manure and shavings left behind by your horse. Littering fines will be given to those who make a mess and don’t clean it.

If you wish to have power by your stall please mention it when reserving your stall. Please bring an extra power bar and extension cord with you, so that others can use the power as needed.

As stated in the North Dakota century code: 53-10-01 definitions and 53-10-02. “ an equine activity sponsor or an equine professional is not liable for an injury to or the death of a participant engaged in an equine activity, and, except as provided in subsection 2, no participant or participant's representative may maintain an action against or recover from an equine activity sponsor or an equine professional for an injury to or the death of a participant engaged in an equine activity.”