North Dakota Equine Association

Thank you for your interest in our Association!

The North Dakota Equine Association is a charitable non-profit organization that supports North Dakotas horse industry through the following:

  • Educational Events (primarily the North Dakota Horse Expo) and Clinics
  • Promoting Horse Related Groups and Activities
  • Serving as a means of communication by furthering common interests of horse persons in North Dakota.

Please consider a membership class that best suits your interests. Classes of membership include:

Family Membership $50: 

Family membership is available to any family members living in the same Household. All family members names must be listed on the membership form. This membership will have only one vote in the council. All Family Memberships will receive (4) One Day Pass’ to the North Dakota Horse Expo.

Individual Membership $20: 

This membership is available to any person who is eligible for membership. This member will have one vote in the council. All Individual Memberships will receive 1 Event Pass for the North Dakota Horse Expo.

Business Membership $100: 

Business memberships are open to; any wholesaler and/or retail business and/or professional services deriving at least a portion of their income from the horse industry, any association, corporation, society, or other group with at least ten members representing horsepersons or any other organized interest in the horse industry or any segment thereof. This membership shall have only one voting delegate in the council. All Business Memberships will receive (4) Event passes for the North Dakota Horse Expo.

Honorary Membership $10:

This membership may be granted to such individuals or organizations as the Board of Directors may from time to time direct, or individuals simply wanting to support the association. These members shall have only one voting delegate in the affairs of the Council.


Please complete this digital form, alternately print and return with your check payable to North Dakota Equine Association to the following address:

2001 345th Ave SE
Max, ND, 58759

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