Showdeo 2021

Showdeo 2021

Showdeo 2021

2021 showdeo

Sunday June 6,2021
5PM - 7PM


Age Divisions & Events

*$10 Flat Entry Fee*

*Overall division prize and individual event prizes*

Entries will be limited to 10 for each division due to time constraints!!

If we get more entries than openings we will have to use the lottery method and draw contestants from a hat. Entries will end at 10am on Sunday June 6 if lottery method is needed,

If you have any questions please contact Amy at 701-307-0376

Entries Under 18 Must Be Signed by a Parent or Guardian

North Dakota Horse Expo will not be responsible for any loss, damage, or injury to horses exhibited, or for any article of any kind or nature that may be lost or destroyed, or in any way injured. Each exhibitor will be responsible for any injury that may be occasioned to any person, whomsoever, by any horse owned or exhibited by him or shall indemnify the Expo, or any member thereof, against all claims and demands, of any kind or nature, that may grow out of any injury occurred by any horse owned or exhibited by them or arise from the negligence of the person in charge of any such horse. All horses exhibited into this show will be entirely at the owner’s risk. The ND Horse Expo reserves the right to make such changes in procedure, personnel, rules, and regulations as shall be deemed by them to be in the best interest of the show. Photos will be taken throughout the Showdeo and they may be used for future promotions. If you wish that you or your child not be included in possible ads or promotions please contact 701-307-0376

Downloadable ApplicationQuestions? Email us!

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