Elsabe Hausauer - Colt Starting & Green Horses 2021

Elsabe Hausauer - Colt Starting & Green Horses 2021

My training is about building a relationship with your horse. The horse’s response to a human is a direct result of how we make that horse feel. Most of the time you don’t get people with horse problems but rather a horse with people problems. It is up to us to take responsibility to help the horse reach its full potential, by being firm but fair, yet gentle and kind.”  I went from growing up in South Africa, competing in horse shows, training race horses in England, and now living in the US as a farmer and rancher.” Horsemanship is really no different than raising kids. My horsemanship is not about me preaching to students, but rather letting the students feel comfortable, knowing that I am also in this journey with them learning and growing. Learning is a never-ending journey.” I take pride in my work and enjoy seeing students improve their relationships with their horses. Seeing people have major breakthroughs with their horses brings me joy. Not just getting that horse to do fancy maneuvers, trusting them, or winning. (Although that makes me want to do a happy dance). More specifically allowing the horses to be the teacher and seeing people dig deeper within themselves to be kinder, responsible for their actions, humble, and establishing healthy boundaries with their horses.”

Colt Starting - $150 Per Rider Per Session Includes Parking pass

                 - 2 One Hour Spots Remaining

                 - Round Pen @ 9am and 1pm daily

Green Horse Advancement - $150 Per Rider Per Session Includes Parking Pass

                 - All Spots Filled!!

                 - Round Pen @ 10am daily

Advancing the Green Horse While Mounted with a Flag

             - 3 Spots Available by Invite Only

             - In conjunction with John Hovde

                - Round Pen @ 2pm Fri & Sat and 2:30pm Sun

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Schaefer vet service
Schaefer vet service