ND Equine Events

North Dakota Equine Association

North Dakota Equine Association is a charitable non-profit organization that supports North Dakota’s horse industry through:

  1. Hosting educational webinars, lectures, demonstrations, events and clinics.
  2. Aiding and promoting horse related groups and activities within North Dakota. 
  3. Giving Back - Donating funds to other ND equine related non-profit organizations. 

The North Dakota Equine Association (NDEA) hosts the Annual North Dakota Horse Expo. Hosting the Expo allows us to fulfil a portion of our mission, “Educate the public on ‘everything equus’.

Aside from the Expo, the NDEA hosts smaller events and supports other clubs and organizations within North Dakota. Support for other clubs and organizations comes in the forms of charitable donations, volunteering and aiding in marketing or advertising. 

Please join us in our mission by becoming a member. Your membership is valuable to the next generation of North Dakota horse enthusiasts as we educate the public on ‘everything equus’ and support the local horse industry!

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